Audrina Patridge Boyfriend

Boyfriend: Corey Bohan, according to rumors, a friend of Audrina Patridge’s! Well it seems that Miss Audrina has moved on pretty quickly from her break with Ryan Cabrera. Audrina was seen flirting with her ex-boyfriend, as she recently frolicked in the sand wearing a bikini scarce. Learn more about the reunion rumors and photos are here!

Meet Corey Bohan, Audrina Patridge of each week. It seems as though Patridge rolls through guys like it tight bikini. So who is it Bohan character? If his name sounds familiar it’s because he is Audrina like Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson … man kept in the background in case things do not work with others. And while you may think that Justin Bobby was its output per person, when things got rough, Bohan has seemingly replace it back to each burner.

And despite back to Bohan, after several other failed relationships, Patridge recently told MTV, that “It has always been my one true love.” Right … until the next guy comes!

It seems as though now Hills and all its counterfeits will not be done, Audrina loves what she can to live my “real” life from the public eye … for the most part. Rumor has it that Patridge hooked up to a new reality show proper, so it will be interesting to see how that all pans and, if it is a spin-off of her life in the hills.

Resource: 12News


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