Dax Shepard

Actress Kristen Bell was mortified when she first brought fiance Dax Shepard home to meet the family after her aunt made an awkward joke about her love of masturbation.

Bell introduced Shepard to her relatives in November 2009 for America's Thanksgiving holiday, and the actor eventually proposed in January this year.

But the "Heroes" star was left speechless at a formal family dinner, when her "sweet" aunt tried to lighten the mood with a filthy joke. She recalls, "At Thanksgiving, which is about 15 people 10 of which were over 75 my sweet, sweet aunt... decided she was all of a sudden bit by a commy (comedienne) bug. And she says, 'I've got a joke!' And we all thought, 'OK, this is weird'."

And Bell was stunned when she heard what came next, "She looked at us and she said, 'What has two thumbs and loves to masturbate? This girl!' My cousins and I did not know what to do... You gotta know your audience it was not appropriate."
Resource: PeaceFmOnline


  1. I think masturbate is not as much wrong as people think... :P:P:P:P:P I often do this even i have three girl friends.

  2. hahahah agreed to you @beauty and style.... nice jock... but i think you must read the complete story...