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Ines Sainz tweeted this picture, showing what she was wearing the day of the incident

Ines Sainz, an Azteca reporter and pictured above, is in the news after being harassed by members of the New York Jets at their practice facility.

Sainz is a former Miss Universe contestant and is known as the “hottest sports reporter in Mexico” so she’s no stranger to receiving attention for her looks and the somewhat provocative clothing she wears on the job. The Jets may have given her a little too much attention however.

Ines was at the Jets practice facility to do a story on Mark Sanchez when she was the subject of catcalls and stereotypically borish behavior. The controversy is something of a perfect storm, coming after the Jets were featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks where America saw the team’s head coach Rex Ryan (and others) use a tremendous amount of blue language helping to contribute to the impression that the Jets are not a terribly professional organization.

Do you think Ines Sainz dresses too inappropriately? Here are more Sainz pictures so you can judge for yourself:

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